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Vivian aka L.Y.T.✌, Asian(Cantonese CHINESE), university student. An IT geek, bookworm with specs & long hair in ponytail. She still sleeps with a teddy known as Mr. Woogle Wogle♥!! =P This is a LITTLE corner where she randomly shares & rambles some creative & quirky ideas. HELLO KITTY♥ is her favourite^^
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Magazines!!! \m/ See the GREEN colour one titled “TRENDY”(in CHINESE words all over)?!   —> SHINee & BEAST!!! NICEx3!!! \m/ Of course MUST BUYx3 la!!! (DAMN!!! I already spent RM50+ on magazines already(just YESTERDAY & TODAY)!!! I already bought a Kpop magazine about SHINee & BEAST yesterday, but it’s just NOT ENOUGH!!! DAMN!!! I got ADDICTED. Must really CUT DOWN on my MAGAZINE CRAZE!!! *心痛,my $$$ ah!!!*

I really am a SHOPAHOLIC to a certain degree, I definitely have IMPULSE BUYING edge. TOO MUCH Purchasing Power is NOT a good thing to L.Y.T.✌. *sigh* I PREFER magazines like READER’S DIGEST, WOMEN’S WEEKLY, CLEO, Galaxie Magazine & Kpop magazines(in LANGUAGES that I understand).

Originally I buy magazines because we need to write a magazine article(report MAGAZINE style) for our English For Real World(ERW) Assignment, as ORDERED by MS. “Monaliza”. We can choose either HEALTH or TRAVEL topic, though I think HEALTH is A LOT EASIER to write. This is a PAIR WORK(2 persons) project. Wish me luck!!^^

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