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Vivian aka L.Y.T.✌, Asian(Cantonese CHINESE), university student. An IT geek, bookworm with specs & long hair in ponytail. She still sleeps with a teddy known as Mr. Woogle Wogle♥!! =P This is a LITTLE corner where she randomly shares & rambles some creative & quirky ideas. HELLO KITTY♥ is her favourite^^
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"Mommy" & "baby✌ " time!!^^ hehehe… =P (at Stadium Perpaduan, Petra Jaya)

Not a big fan of “金秀贤”(Kim Soo Hyun), but I got the mouse pad & A4 file for FREE with The Face Shop purchase. 哈哈哈… not bad, 送的偶像产品我不介意,但是叫我单单买偶像产品就不大可能啦。=P

20 Facts About Me Tagged by @colleenlei
1) An International Economics Graduate
2) Currently pursuing her MBA
3) Scorpio, Type O
4) Loves online shopping more than conventional shopping
5) Looks “small” on the outside, but “boyish” deep down
6) Acts cool, but in fact extremely dependent and “cute”
7) Interested in skincare and beauty products, but at times very lazy to do skincare, zero makeup skill
8) The only girl among her siblings who consist of 2 bros
9) In early 20s, but still being acknowledged as a “KID”
10) Loves sleeping, can even “hibernate” for days
11) A night owl and typical coffee addict
12) Bookworm with nice handwriting but drawing skill is on par with a “kid’s”
13) A half Cantonese and half Hokkien Chinese
14) Very good at mastering languages, can speak approximately 5 or 6 languages
15) Has a messy room and dislikes household chores, tried tidying the room but decided to give up
16) Looks smart but actually very “noob” and forgetful
17) Can start something very easily, but have trouble continuing it
18) Has weak sense of direction
19) Superstitious and a person who is easily scared
20) Phobias include stage fright, Halloween, cockroaches, haunted train and houses at fun fairs, etc.

"baby" 明天上课啦!!^^ 明天第一天上课,有点紧张。=P 课程表出啦,都是weekend classes, 一堂课6个小时。很紧张leh。=P


妈咪买的中秋月饼ah!!!^^ 我先 reserved 那个 “Black Sesame Cheese Mooncake”(黑凤凰乳酪月饼)lo!! =P

Finally received my MBA offer letter from university today!!^^ And my Bachelor’s Convocation is in November. =P Very slow la。=P

去了 SaSa 美容 Shopping!!^^ 我买了 那个 Blemish Care的系列,因为我很容易长痘痘嘛,还去了 The Face Shop买 oil cut 的防晒。=P
#TheSpring #SaSa #TFS

在 The Face Shop 买了4片 masks!!^^ Kelp, Pomegranate, Rice & Blueberry!! =P 敷一敷,睡觉!!=P

My yummy FROZEN YOGHURT, GRAPE + VANILLA flavour!!^^ 不好意思,有一点点朦,因为Kuching Festival太多人了,好不容易一边走,一边拍的。=P

Bought Dust Cut Micro Foam Cleanser at Etude House, buy 1 free 1!!^^ 好久没买美容的,今天又血拼了!!=P #Fridaynight #TheSpring #shopping