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Vivian aka L.Y.T.✌, Asian(Cantonese CHINESE), university student. An IT geek, bookworm with specs & long hair in ponytail. She still sleeps with a teddy known as Mr. Woogle Wogle♥!! =P This is a LITTLE corner where she randomly shares & rambles some creative & quirky ideas. HELLO KITTY♥ is her favourite^^
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YAY, 终于买到了非常“限量”的GSC aka Golden Screen Cinema movie ticket!!^^ 只有 333张而已lo, 我是第12个买到的。=P

After attending MBA program briefing, “Mommy” & I went for shopping^^ 我们去了 Etude House 和 SaSa 扫货!!=P

My brand new COOL & ROCKING ADIDAS NEO!!! \m/ Hoodie & shirt, XS. 3D star star!!^^

刚才去了 Holika Holika, walao A… 50% discount ah, 买x3!!! 这个是 “snail” 的, 好像很滑的感觉,刚才 sales girl给我 testing… =P

Bought 2 pieces if masks from Watsons, 1 for pimple & 1 for “special pimple”. =P 感觉好贴心oh!!^^

Went to Skin Food and The Body Shop after work & got these exfoliator & wash-off mask!!^^

Finally bought my fave baggy, Carlo Rino at Parkson with 20% discount!!!^^
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A pencil sketch ME which looks a bit funny. =P 哈哈哈…

大年初三,竟然去 Boulevard shopping mall 买了两双鞋子,还享受 “买一送一” 的优惠呢!!^^ hehehe… 显然,这几天拜年拜到很累了。=P

The pair of OR shoes I bought from Taobao about a week ago^^ Heels still ok, I managed to stand & walk in it. =P